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The ultimate checklist

to reach your goals!

What is the purpose of our checklist?

Set your goals

Our checklist helps you set your daily goals and long terms goals. Having goals written down with a set date for accomplishment gives you something to plan and work for. A written goal is an external representation of your inner desires; its a constant reminder of what you need to accomplish.

Be happy in the moment

Too many people devote themselves to their goals only. Setting and pursying goals is not all about the destination! Most people do not enjoy the journey and when they achieve their goals, they don't take the time to experience their success. Rather than thinking of the big picture only, focus entirely on the action! 

Take care of yourself

Sleep, wake up, work. And repeat. That’s a daily grind that will have you burning out the next time your alarm goes off! There’s more to life than work. How can you make sure you’re getting a healthy dose of “me time”?
Try our checklist to see how it can help you! 

Since 2014, our checklist has been the favourite go to list for many people in the world. We feel that we have created the ultimate goal checklist which will make you successful this year.


Try it for yourself today! 


 About the author


Thomas Dunne


After I spent many years reading motivational books and listening to lots of inspirational audio books, I came to the conclusion that they all pointed in the same direction which is to have a goal and to reinforce it daily into your conscious mind. Believe in it and write it down weekly until you get it.


I don’t believe in having lots of goals and having a scattered mind. I believe in picking one goal and sticking to it and making it come to life. Most people have so many goals that they can’t focus on the one that really matters to them. My solution is for you to reach the one goal you want and when you reach it, start all over again with a new goal. One step at a time and focus your energy and power on one worthwhile goal rather than lots of pointless goals.

It’s like building a new house! If you do not think of building a new house, you will not look up ways to build the new house. If your goal is to start building a new house, your imagination will kick in and you will start thinking of new ways to build your house or to borrow the money. Without the goal of building a new house, your brain will not start thinking of ways to get you that new house.


This one goal approach has worked for me every time and it has helped me build companies and reach every single goal I set. Your goal can be an amount of money or it can be something else you want to achieve but without immediate action and a goal you will not get there.


You have to really believe in your goal and do your daily check list as well as visualise what you will be doing when you reach your goal. This book helps you reinforce your goal into your mind daily by doing the checklist.


You need to keep your mind focused and check daily what your goal is and what you want to achieve. Try not to miss any days!


If you do your daily checklist you should make 1000% return on what this book cost you, this book is a small price to pay if this book helps you reach your financial goal or business goal.

If you have any questions, please send me a Linkedin message.

Purchase a checklist book

We are always working on improving our Goal Checklist! So this year, we are launching this newly edited version which will make you progress even faster towards your goals! 

The purpose of our checklist is to help you gain clarity and achieve happiness in your life. This can be accomplished by reaching a daily sense of achievement combined with generosity and the acknowledgment of the most important people in your life. All of this while working on your long term goals!

Our checklist is available in a book of 52 pages. This means you have a weekly checklist for everyday of the year! 

So what are you waiting for? Order your Goal Checklist book today and see how it can help you reach your goals!

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